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Literal News: February-March 2015

Literal News is a bi-monthly digest of book related events.  Anything missing?  Comment below.

Controversy over The Buried Giant 

Ursula Le Guin has been leading arguments over how Kazuo Ishiguro's new novel should be categorised.  There is also suggestions that sci-fi and fantasy have a stigma attached to them which is slowly reducing (shock horror: mainstream fantasy novels include the series: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and a Game of Thrones).  (A brief speech from Ursula Le Guin is available here.)

Also of note, for those who want to learn more about The Buried Giant, David Suchet is reading an abridged version for Radio 4's Book at Bedtime series available for a very limited time here.

New Stieg Larson book
Stieg Larson wrote Millennium series (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc.).  Sadly, he died before finishing the fourth book.  Eva Gabrielsson, his girlfriend, has the beginnings of the fourth book, something that was the subject of a fierce battle over ownership with Larson's family.  (For those interested in the controversy, reading is available here.)  David Lagercrantz has written a fourth novel Det som inte dödar oss, (Swedish for "That Which Does Not Kill Us") however, Lagercrantz has not had access to any unpublished material.  For those interested in Lagercrantz's addition, the new book will be published in August

UPDATE: The book covers have just been released.  Left for US and right for UK.  Already people are divided over whether they are going to be reading it.

New Margaret Atwood book 
Due out September as a stand alone novel.  BBC article.

Sir Terry Pratchett tributes
Some websites have a secret code asking "GNU Terry Pratchett", paying tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett.  More info is available here and here .
Neil Gaiman's tribute is also well worth a read.

Two new Sherlock Holmes books
Two 'book' (or short stories at 1,300 words) have been found. Excerpt for first, info about second book.

New Harper Lee
Harper Lee has a 'new' book coming soon.  This was the first book she gave to the publishers, until the publishers suggested writing what became To Kill A Mockingbird.  There has been some controversy over whether Lee was bullied into publishing the book, but investigations have found this not to be the case.  As an aside, Stylist magazine have an article linking three of Lee's essays available to read here.

Shows a train on a track moving towards a dark tree, seems to have 60s feel

Update.  UK Version seems to be different.

Matt Haig
Matt Haig has been making a lot of headway talking about depression and his new book Reasons To Stay Alive.  For those thinking about buying the book, or who have read the book and would like to now a bit more, Haig has  done an interview with The Daily Mail.  For those who disparage the Daily Mail, here is the Yorkshire Post.

'Popular' Reading statistics
aka. what the people who responded to this survey read.  Comedy gold journalism:
"They’d rather have a dog (49%) than a cat (35%), and the tiger (47%) is by far and away their favourite animal. (Obviously the publishers of The White Tiger, Tigers in Red Weather, The Tiger’s Wife, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother et al were onto something.) The poor old elephant gets only 21% of the vote, followed by giraffe (12%) and zebra (8%).

Tickets for Hay Festival 2015 are on sale and being snapped up fast.  Highlights include Stephen Fry, Michael Morpurgo, Germaine Greer and more.

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