Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

The list this week for Top Ten Tuesday is Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet and I'm going to include those both alive and dead.  I am also going to include a brief daydream about the where and the questions I would like to ask.



1. George R.R. Martin
I am a big fan of the Game of Thrones series. Location: maybe a Comic Con? Question: I have a theory about Jon Snow 'A Song of Ice and Fire' so I would like to ask him if it is true. 

2. Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman is super cool; I am really lucky to be able to see him at the Hay Festival this month too. There may be a write up on this, so watch this space!

3. J.R.R. Tolkien
Lord of the Rings brought a lot of joy to my life. Location: probably in a dream. Questions: Why did Aragorn only have one child? What do you think it was that made Aragorn so courageous?

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock is really enjoyable; it is a great distraction and involves brilliant imagination. Question: how do you come up with the clues that Sherlock sees? 


5. E.M. Forster
Forster writes the most beautiful tales; I think this meeting would be more a case of curiosity.  

6. Quentin Tarantino 

Although he is not an author of books, he is an author of excellent scripts.  Location: maybe a bar? Question: How do you keep so grounded and how do you still find the motivation to write? 



7. Mikhail Bulgakov

Bulgakov is an author I really admire for his sheer dedication to writing even when then USSR turned his back on him by banning his writing.  I guess my question would be a rhetorical one: I hope you realise people do love your works; they weren't in vain and they bring a great deal of pleasure.

8.  Bernhard Schlink
Schlink wrote The Reader. I would love to learn German so perhaps the location and questions would be Germany related. 

9. Friedrich Nietzsche 
For those unfamiliar, Nietzsche was a philosopher who wrote in a colossal range of styles, from dialogues to poetry to essays.  I wouldn't really have a question, I would just find it really interesting to see how he would normally speak given his diverse voice.

10. Vladimir Nabokov
What I really admire about Nabokov is his sheer fearless, his ability to write on taboo subjects. Question: do you have any advice for writing so fearlessly?


  1. Not familiar with these authors but I hope you meet them one day. :)
    Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thank you! The same for you too, you're blog is super pretty! :)

  2. Oh, EM Forster is a good one. I'd love to hear him talk.

    1. Thank you :) A nice afternoon tea with sandwiches and cake at the same time we would be great too :)

  3. Easily the best list I have seen so far. Tarantino and Friedrich Nietzsche are such excellent choices but it would be difficult to get in a word edgewise if you ever sat down with them. :P

    1. Aww thank you!! Yes they probably would be very talkative and possibly intimidating but I read that Tarantino is really nice to his fans. Do you have a top ten? :)

  4. Great list! I've not read any George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman or Arthur Conan Doyle yet but they are on the TBR for this year. The only one I've read is J.R.R. Tolkien and I absolutely love him.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Lauren @ myexpandingbookshelf.blogspot.co.uk


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