Monday, 15 June 2015

Making up for Mondays: Pet Peeves

Text of Meme

This weekly meme is hosted by An Avid Reader.  The aim is to write a post on a weekly question.  This week's question: What is your biggest pet peeve with authors?

The first thing that came to mind was treating the novel like a cash cow; I'm not going to name any specific authors because that's not really fair and you might probably have your own suggestions that spring to mind.  I find it really upsetting when authors effectively recycle content for financial gain. This isn't like reusing characters (e.g. fictional detectives or a character growing up) or a spin-off but literally just repeating what was in a previous novel or expanding on trivial detail.  I remember when an author just changed the names, the plot was identical to their last novel, and I was so annoyed the book was thrown out.  Yes, I agree that novels do not contain entirely new ideas - as Christoph Waltz said, even Shakespeare did not have an original idea - but something strikes me as dubious about revisiting a novel. 

So, that is my pet peeve.  What are yours?? 


  1. Love triangles that are only there to make one of the two competitors for the hero/heroine look better. If they're not interesting enough on their own, sticking someone else mean/boring/snobby/annoying/otherwise unlikable in as a rival is just going to come off as cheap.

    1. You're so right. I never thought of that! It also reminds me of badly written TV shows which do that to create some 'drama' when really it is just a space filler.


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