Monday, 19 October 2015

Update October 2015: Star Wars Episode VI

Hello to anyone who may be reading this!  I haven't forgotten you, I just haven’t posted on here for ages due to personal reasons and simply because I also got out of the habit of writing book reviews. (I also forgot how difficult it is writing on Blogger... I am going to look at moving to Wordpress because my cursor never turns up and it’s just so lethargic like me.)

I'm going to be posting some reviews up. Luckily I wrote the outline for the reviews of the books I read many moons ago so they just need typing up.  I am just going to publish them as I go because writing lists creates too much pressure and it becomes a chore.  I am also going to be changing my blog up a bit.  I am updating the blog over the coming weeks by streamlining the tags, improving the visuals and that kind of thing.  I am moving from 5 stars to a rating out of 10 too. The pieces on creative writing are moving to my other (work) blog; they are also more substantial pieces than a series of quotes.  This change is mainly because I have more experience writing now and to prevent double posting.  I am replacing the creative writing with a new monthly ‘op-ed’ feature.  The first series is on audiobooks and they are ready to be posted!  The next series will be on difficulties with reviewing (aptly called “Reviewing Reviews”).  I am going to wait until my blog builds up a bit content wise before I post them.

On a more personal note, I’ve become an aunty for the first time ever.  I have officially started my English MA and somehow managed to get tonsillitis even though I study at home… typical.  My MA is going well though, just a bit (read: a lot) behind on my reading.  Christmas is coming up soon so I’ve been busy applying for a more stable part-time job.  Anyway, that’s enough of the me me me.


  1. Your blog-posts stand out because of your varied interests and reading list! I learn from them!
    Looking forward to reading your posts on both blogs.
    Stay healthy, good luck an the ' PT job market ' and don't forget to spoil new nephew with lots of Xmas presents!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I was wondering whether to just stick to reviews or whether to carry on with the mix. Thank you that's very good to know they're worthwhile! I have a lot mapped out, they just need fleshing out now. Yes I am trying to! You too! Are you trying any new challenges? Walking Maddy helps a lot too. Thanks, he will probably already have everything come Christmas anyway he has a lot of admirers haha :-)


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