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Bookish Resolutions 2016 | TTT

Each week The Broke and The Bookish provides a topic for a Top Ten List. This week the theme is:

Bookish Resolutions for 2016”

In general, I always believe if you're going to start a New Year resolution, it should be in December and not January. That way, you've started to develop that all-important habit and discipline needed to succeed more easily in the next year. I did however, joke with my Mum today that I should have a Star Wars sticker book and that every time I was good I could get a pack of stickers (she said that'd never happen because I'm 'naughty' - puh!). Joking aside, that would be a good way to keep track of whether I'd behaved that week. On a more serious note, I do have a list of things I'd like to achieve this year...

1. Read 72 books in 2016
This works out at six books a month. Last year I planned on reading four books a month but ended up reading five. I'm already regretting the first book of the year, Tom Jones by Henry Fielding. Don't get me wrong, it's a comical book of its time for any of you who've read from the 1700s but at over 800 pages I feel like I've failed my reading target already...

2. Read more plays
I really enjoyed both versions of Antigone by Sophocles and Jean Anouilh. This year I'm planning to incorporate more dramas into my reading corpus starting with A Streetcar Called Desire by Tennessee Williams and some Shakespeare (Coriolanus and A Merchant of Venice).

3. Read more non-fiction
Again, last year I branched out more into non-fiction and it didn't disappoint. This year, I'm going to be reading on feminist and post-colonial themes for my English MA as well as other related topics, so this will contribute nicely towards my goal. I have almost finished reading The Cambridge Companion to Narrative that I found very insightful (and not as boring as you may think!)

4. Blog more consistently*
Discipline for the past few years has not been my forte. I'm really going to try to be a better blogger, I have no excuse for my poor time management. 
*(& figure out why Blogger plays up with my paragraph spacing and font colour <insert moody face here>)

5. Write reviews as soon as I finish a book
And also make notes as I go along for points to raise and quotes. This will help me blog more consistently too.

6. Write fiction for at least two hours a week
Bookish in a way. I need to start taking my creative writing and dream of being a writer more seriously. Whilst two hours may seem small fry, I don't want to go too big too soon in terms of making demands on myself. I also read that setting your target as a minimum helps prevent you feeling guilty and encourages you to over-achieve so here's hoping.

7. Read 50 pages before bed
Technically this should be 'Read 50 pages before going to sleep' as I read in bed with a cup of tea. Reading always makes me sleep better and reading an hour a day will help me reach my goal to read 72 books this year.

8. Read Don Quixote by Cervantes
I've always been fascinated by this cult figure of Don Quixote / Don Juan having first been introduced to 'him' by George Bernard Shaw. This makes for a nice tie-in and background reading for my English MA too. 

9. Read War & Peace by Lev Tolstoy
Having read Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman, which in part was Grossman's own War & Peace set during the Battle of Stalingrad, and watching the BBC TV adaption has given me the impetus to read it. I read Anna Karenina and enjoyed it but somehow felt that War & Peace was a pointless read. Hopefully this year I will read it.

10. Stick to my bookish lists and resolutions! 
2016 will be the year I take more responsibility for my time organization and reintroduce the discipline and determination, which ironically enough, I had in my teens.

So those are my resolutions for what I want to achieve in 2016. I've tried to go for ones that are complimentary and revolve around better habits. 

What are your resolutions? What is your advice for sticking to them? I'm interested to find out so please comment below :-)


  1. I should start picking up more plays, too. I used to all of the time when I was in a drama class for my English Literature major, but then I stopped after awhile...on that note, I'd like to go to the theatre more often, too.

    I feel like I should read War and Peace, but I've never been all that interested. I enjoyed Anna Karenina, too, and I've seen the trailer for the new War and Peace miniseries which looks great, but it's just one I don't have any plans of reading soon.

    I hope you stick to your goals!

    1. Plays are great for when you can have a lazy weekend reading. Do you have anything from NT Live near you? The screenings of live theatre are really great quality these days; I'm seeing David Suchet in The Importance of Being Earnest in two weeks through NT Live. Far cheaper for a better view.

      Yeah, I think it has to really grab you in order for you to overlook it's size.

      Thanks and likewise! :)

  2. Good luck on all your 2016 resolutions!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/top-ten-tuesday-38/


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